News Summary | May 2019
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一、Shenzhen PSB cracks down on “three illegals” foreigners


Shenzhen PSB cracks down on “Three Illegals” foreigners.

This violations include staying, entering and working in China illegally. 

The move is to maintain the city’s immigration management order, according to a statement issued by the immigration bureau last week.

The “Three Illegals” are foreigners who has no legal status in China. Illegal employment for survival will inevitably affect the labor market and the employment environment. At the same time, this may lead to increase in crime and serious disruption of the stability of the social order, the authorities said."

深圳加大力度打击“三非”外国人,举报非法聘用外国人的单位和个人将获奖励。此违法行为包括非法居留、入境和在中国工作。根据深圳市公安局出入境管理局发布的声明, 此举是为了维持该市的移民管理规定。

"三非分子" 是在中国没有合法身份的外国人。非法就业的问题将影响劳动力市场和就业环境。同时, 该局表示, “这可能会导致犯罪增加, 严重扰乱社会秩序的稳定” 。

二、Foreigners to work in Shanxi can achieve "Do not meet the approval"


When Shanxi Province accepts overseas applications for work permits for foreigners coming to China, the notice of application for work permits shall be subject to "Online Approval", and paper materials shall be examined after entry.

Only the original documents and paper materials for on-site verification will be kept when applying for the work permit. The documents will be delivered by the express mail service.



三、A foreigner to Jiangsu to stay in a friend's home for many days involved in the law

未按规定报送住宿登记信息 ,一外国人来江苏连住朋友家多日涉违法

Recently, the police of Yishan police station of Guanyun county public security bureau found that a foreigner may be suspected of illegal residence in their daily police inventory.

A South African woman went to Guanyun county to visit her friend and stayed at her friend's home for several days. However, she failed to report the registration information of foreigners' temporary accommodation to the local public security organ as required.

The entry-exit management brigade of the public security bureau of Guanyun county issued a warning to the illegal persons and fined them persons 1,000 yuan.




四、The China expat parents choosing public over international schools, and how their kids cope


Foreign parents working and living in China are more likely to send their children to public schools because of the high tuition fees at international schools, the South Morning Post reported April 30.

Betty , an American mother working in education who has two daughters studying in Beijing Xiyi Elementary School, in Haidian district, says she cannot afford to send her children to an international school.

“My two daughters are the only white people in the whole school,” she says. “My Primary Six elder daughter has been there since Primary One. While some lessons, like those on ancient Chinese poems, are not useful for foreign kids, I am very satisfied with the school. Their teachers are very understanding. They have good friends at school and my elder daughter is fluent in Mandarin. She has no accent and can read and write Chinese very well.”

According to a 2017 report , there are 734 international schools in China, with about 60 new ones opening every year. 

But the explosive growth has not led to a drop in school fees. A 2018 survey conducted by the Singapore-based ExpatFinder.com on 688 international schools from 27 countries found the highest fees were in China, at an average of US$33,591 a year. Switzerland ranked second at US$32,453, followed by Belgium at US$29,613.






Shanghai Pudong New District  announces that

foreigners working in China to complete the examination,the approval of work permits and residence permits within five natural days

五、上海浦东新区宣布5天完成审批 外国人来华工作也能“一网通办”

 Shanghai Pudong New District, home to a cluster of overseas talents, has announced on April 11 the enabling of the international talent port and the “one-netcom office” in Shanghai free trade zone.These facilitation measures will enable foreigners working in China to complete the examination,the approval of work permits and residence permits within five natural days.




一、Belt and Road • Global Overseas Chinese Investment Center settles in Wuhan 


On April 16, Qingshan District of Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei Province, signed a strategic framework cooperation agreement with the Belt and Road (Hungary) International Cultural Education Center, witnessing the establishment of the Belt and Road • Global Overseas Chinese Investment Center.

The Belt and Road • Global Overseas Chinese Investment Center embraces the International Cultural Education Center, the Innovation& Research Center, the Cultural Exchange Exhibition Center and the Enterprise Service Center, which is supposed to introduce 300 to 500 overseas Chinese enterprises.

The overseas Chinese entrepreneurs wanted to gain a deeper understanding of China’s industrial development and policy requirements.


·“一带一路”全球华人投资中心包括国际文化教育中心、创新研究中心、文化交流展览中心和企业服务中心,拟引进300 - 500家海外华人企业。


二、Optics Valley releases new policies on foreign investment 


On February 27, the East Lake High-tech Development Zone (Optics Valley of China) in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province released new policies on foreign investment, including ten articles on encouraging enterprise’s settlement and development, supporting development of the service industry in the Free Trade Zone, rewards for international living supporting facilities, rewards for intermediary agencies, etc.


三、Wuhan's first foreign-related police service team makes public appearance


The first foreign-related police team in Wuhan made its public appearance on March 12, 2019. Each of the team members could speak at least two kinds of languages, totally covering English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic.

As the first professional police team skilled in foreign languages, the 100 team members will patrol on the street with a blue armband, coping with foreign-related policing.

For clarity, the blue armband, reading “Wuhan Police” and the language service that the police officer could provide, is specially designed.

During the 7th Military World Games, the team will take up positions at the competition venues and athletes’ village to give first-time service and crime-fighting.

The foreign-related police team will be preserved as an essential force to work for the city’s international construction even though the Military World Games in Wuhan ended in October.






四、91 foreign students receive volunteer training in wuhan


Photo taken on May 18 shows the first intensive training for candidate volunteers at the Yellow Crane Tower, gathering 91 foreign students in Wuhan. And the top 25 volunteers will be recruited to provide voluntary services during the 7th Military World Games.

The overseas Chinese entrepreneurs wanted to gain a deeper understanding of China’s industrial development and policy requirements.


五、First World Health Expo inaugurates in Wuhan 


The first World Health Expo (hereafter referred to as‘the Expo’) was inaugurated in the Wuhan International Expo Center on April 8, 2019, bringing together world-renowned healthcare experts and scholars as well as representatives of the Fortune 500 enterprises, etc.

The Expo features the most cutting-edge healthcare science and technology and healthcare corporations from across the industry. The exhibition area, about 120,000 square meters, is divided into professional focus areas such as the Elderly Care and Rehabilitation, Healthcare and Finance, Health Technology and Internet, Biomedicine, Aesthetic Medicine, Healthcare in Hubei, Global Healthcare, Traditional Medicine, Medical Equipment, Sports Health, Nutrition, etc.

During the 3-day event, more than 20 high-end forums are set, aiming to create an interactive platform for the international exchange of ideas, promote sustainable healthcare investment and development and meet the ever-increasing healthcare needs of the people.

In addition, Wuhan will also introduce a series of policy measures to create a leading marketplace for healthcare innovation, development and investment.